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Saucha (Sanskrit) "Purification"

When we arrive at a state of being where the need to transform rises above the desire for change,  we are on the path to self realization.  If we want to simply change ourselves, the truth is that the fabric of our being remains the same.  One can take a piece of fabric and sew it into a skirt, or a shirt or a dress, and it will remain the same,  just a different form.  But when we seriously consider transformation, we can conjure the image of a snake shedding its skin.  Shedding old habit patterns, old thinking patterns, letting go of the old and creating space for a higher state of being.


In Patanjali's yoga sutras, we are graciously offered a roadmap for inner transformation.  The 8 limbs of yoga provide us with an in-depth guide to follow which, when followed mindfully, brings about emancipation,  true inner freedom and joy.  In Patanjali's yogic principles he discusses the  base for the yoga practice:  1.  The limb of control (yama), and  2. The limb of observance (niyama).  These principles point toward the same place, and that is the inner truth to what is optimal for our well-being, and consequently, the well-being of those around us.  The first niyama (observance) is Saucha (Sow-cha) - purity.  Through inner purification of the mind and body, we aim to achieve this truth.  We can not hope to achieve real inner clarity when the body and mind are clouded by negativity, and impurities.


One of the most important ways to purify is through the physical detoxification process.  What we ingest is what is needed to feed the cells, the mind, and the spirit.  We simply are what we eat/drink/breathe/think.  I KNOW many of you reading this are well aware of this fact.  The challenge we face is in aligning priorities with the discipline to follow through with what will ultimately make us happier.  In yogic terms, this is known as our Sadhana - daily discipline/practice which supports healthy upward growth.



Our next 10-Day Rejuvenation Cleanse begins February 11.  

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