The Vidya Centre For Yoga & Wellness


The Vidya Centre For Yoga & Wellness offers yoga, day retreats, weekly events including live music, nutritional counselling, registered massage therapy, reiki, energy healing, psychic/astrological readings, private yoga, and health coaching. Vidya's Veggie Gourmet Restaurant shares the building, offering delicious organic vegetarian & gluten-free world cuisine and outdoor patio. 


Weave life, and move along it

All of what we call our world is a shadow of the stuff that creates who we are. The constant creation that unfolds due to our thoughts, and ideas creates our circumstances. This is the power we hold which takes very special care and time to understand and execute. Once this new state of being becomes a habitual state, the power becomes us. The sails are set for the wind to carry us forth to where we are needed. 

Wholeness comes from our ability to learn and grow in understanding that the world and its beings are not separate from us. This acknowledgment and understanding changes everything. 

There is a natural quality to the pace to our own individual development, just as there is for a tree or a forest. Our path is a process of freeing limitations so it can engage in the process more fully. 

How are you engaging the path before you? How can you develop a brighter level of understanding for your own unique growth?

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