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The Vidya Centre For Yoga & Wellness offers Yoga, weekly events including Day Retreats and date nights, services such as nutritional counselling, cleansing programs, Registered Massage Therapy, Osteopathy, Naturopathic medicine/treatments, Psychotherapy, Reiki, energy healing, Psychic/Astrological readings, private Yoga, Detox programs, & Far Infrared Sauna. Vidya's Veggie Gourmet Restaurant shares the building, offering delicious organic Vegan/Vegetarian & Gluten-Free world cuisine and outdoor patio.

Attitude vs Adventure - A Choice

I truly value a good attitude. It's always the productive attitudes that endure, and create a positive ripple effect on others. The right attitude can make or break our day! 

Aversion allows for diversion. When we divert attention, we can never be whole. Being whole in each moment helps us to connect to our true nature, and to what truly matters. 

The best way to cultivate a good attitude is to practice! Smile when you don't feel like smiling, give someone a compliment when you're feeling down. We can heal ourselves by uplifting others. Dig into the beauty that is this life!

A Blessing From Kim Vidya

May your health be guarded Faithfully, as you would your Character.
May your thoughts, words, and actions reflect the Beauty of your True Nature.
May you uncover, and hone the talent that has been Entrusted to you.
 May the Stars Light your way with the clarity of Foresight.
May your Moral Compass be your Guide.
May the Knowledge of Truth in Wisdom reign over moments of haste.
 May you summon Great Power in that Wisdom in your loneliest moments.
 May you find Peace in the Acceptance of what can not be changed.
 May you know your Connection with Nature.
 May you know the value of Quietude.
 May you know the Magic of a waking Dream.
With Love and Friendship, Kim Vidya

6 Things To Begin Right Now

To look, and feel healthier, and feel more energetic in 6 weeks (or less).


"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.  Begin it now."  -Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

I would like to preface this list with what I consider to be the most important aspect of health, and that is WATER.  If you simply increase your water intake to 8 glasses of QUALITY spring water (preferably from the source) you will see health improvements rapidly.  Wake up with 1/2-1 litre of water beside the bed, sip more all through the day,  That's my trick.  Enjoy this list, and let me know how it goes!

All Heart,
Kim Vidya


If it causes you to feel bad, gain weight, and lack mental clarity, is it really a treat? 

2 teaspoons of added sugar will suppress the immune system for up to 4 hours. Strive to cut out all added sugars.  Read labels carefully.  Use Stevia as an alternative.  They have some delicious flavours.  My personal favourite is the “Sweet Leaf” Brand in Vanilla.  Stevia is safe for dabetics, and does not spike the blood sugar.  It tastes great, and can be used in hot drinks, smoothies, or baking.  Avoid products such as “Vitamin Water”, and others with high sugar content.  As a general rule you should not have more than 8-12g of sugar per serving.  Many of these products claim to be healthy(er) and it just isn’t so.

2.  NO DAIRY   (click for info)

- Cow, Goat and sheep's milk, cheese, and yoghurt are proving not to be the healthy foods that the government preaches.  The latest studies (i.e. The China Study) proclaim that the protein in dairy, especially cow dairy feeds cancer cells, causes a plethora of health problems such as arthritis and inflammation, asthma, ear infections, ADD, digestive issues such as colitis and IBS, and many others.  For more great info on the dangers dairy go to:



The reason we need to eat is to fuel our body so that it can create energy for us to live with vitality.  With this in mind, what we choose to eat should be only nutritionally dense foods.  Superfoods are both healthy, delicious, and fuel the body perfectly.  The most valuable superfoods on my list include:  Bee Pollen (sprinkle on cereal, in smoothies, etc), Goji Berries, Hemp Seeds, Chlorella (i.e. Boku), Coconut and Coconut butters, raw Pumpkin and Chia seeds, raw olives,  raw cacao, Avocado, medicinal Mushrooms i.e. Shiitake, Maitake, Reishi, sprouts of all kinds - learn to make your own - these are powerhouses of quality nutrients.  Eat foods in their natural form.  A high raw food diet is the perfect diet for optimal health.  Cooking, and denaturing foods will lower your quality of health, and life, just as it does to the plant/vegetable.


4.  FAT 

- Avoid fried foods, potato chips, french fries, pastries, muffins, and any oils that have been cooked at high heat.  The only safe oil at high heat is coconut oil (try unflavoured for best results).  High fat diets clog the digestive system, cause cardiovascular disease, proliferate cancer cells, raise cholesterol, and lower energy levels.  Eating foods in their natural form such as avocado, and olives, also high in fat are encouraged.  Avoid Canola, It is toxic.


5.  GREENS  

Eat 1/3 of your meal in green veggies such as:  Kale, mustard greens, broccoli, chard, dandelion greens, high quality lettuces such as romaine, and baby greens, bok choy, chinese cabbage, rapini, etc.  sneak these also into your smoothies for high quality nutrient value in each blended drink.



-  If you are not sleeping a minimum of 6-7 solid hours of sleep per night this is something that needs to be corrected asap.  This means your hormones, and all mandatory systems in the body are fighting to find balance.  If you are sleeping more than 9 hours and wake up feeling unrested, this is also a warning sign.



If you don't know where to find some of these great superfoods, try your local health food store, or your local grocery store's organic section.  You may say that it is expensive, or difficult to find, but which is more expensive, and time consuming ....  spending more on the prevention, or correcting your health when it's too late?  Prioritizing your health will save you time on doctor's visits, medication, and most importantly - quality of life.  It's well worth the time and effort to build healthy cells, and healthy habits with each meal.  

Saucha (Sanskrit) "Purification"

When we arrive at a state of being where the need to transform rises above the desire for change,  we are on the path to self realization.  If we want to simply change ourselves, the truth is that the fabric of our being remains the same.  One can take a piece of fabric and sew it into a skirt, or a shirt or a dress, and it will remain the same,  just a different form.  But when we seriously consider transformation, we can conjure the image of a snake shedding its skin.  Shedding old habit patterns, old thinking patterns, letting go of the old and creating space for a higher state of being.


In Patanjali's yoga sutras, we are graciously offered a roadmap for inner transformation.  The 8 limbs of yoga provide us with an in-depth guide to follow which, when followed mindfully, brings about emancipation,  true inner freedom and joy.  In Patanjali's yogic principles he discusses the  base for the yoga practice:  1.  The limb of control (yama), and  2. The limb of observance (niyama).  These principles point toward the same place, and that is the inner truth to what is optimal for our well-being, and consequently, the well-being of those around us.  The first niyama (observance) is Saucha (Sow-cha) - purity.  Through inner purification of the mind and body, we aim to achieve this truth.  We can not hope to achieve real inner clarity when the body and mind are clouded by negativity, and impurities.


One of the most important ways to purify is through the physical detoxification process.  What we ingest is what is needed to feed the cells, the mind, and the spirit.  We simply are what we eat/drink/breathe/think.  I KNOW many of you reading this are well aware of this fact.  The challenge we face is in aligning priorities with the discipline to follow through with what will ultimately make us happier.  In yogic terms, this is known as our Sadhana - daily discipline/practice which supports healthy upward growth.



Our next 10-Day Rejuvenation Cleanse begins February 11.  

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Eating For Spiritual Growth

I believe that one of our primary reasons for being on this planet is to align with our potential and our life’s purpose. I see that more and more people are awakening to this potential. If we’re motivated to want to awaken to ease the suffering of the world and we’re consciously working towards this awakening, we need a solid foundation; our body ought to be strong, as well as our mind and spirit. We need to to cleanse our body so that we can have a pure vessel to channel the Divine life-force energy that comes through us and allows us to focus on the sacred work that needs to be done here.

When we learn to have a harmonious relationship to food it no longer consumes our energy it does when we struggle with food and weight, and in fact it frees up our energy because we stop wrestling with it. It no longer depletes us, but energizes us. In so doing, the fundamental nature of our relationship to food transforms into one that we enjoy, allowing us to turn to more important things in our lives, like working towards our highest potential, and doing the things that we love.

This is one very important reason we need to know where our food comes from.  If you eat meat, where does it come from?  How are those animals treated?  Where does your dairy/eggs come from?  How are those animals treated?  When we eat the flesh of an animal who has been raised in misery, perhaps her baby was taken from her (dairy/veal cows) or perhaps they have not been able to move or even see the light of day!  The extent of animal cruelty that is out in our world is shameful, and needs to be exposed.  

The food we eat, and the energy that is attached to that food BECOMES A PART OF US.  It's how our cells are created.  The energy that is in that food becomes enmeshed with our energy, and we take on the energy of that plant, or animal, or egg, or brownie, or french fries.  So be very cautious and careful about what you put on your fork, because that food will shape who you are.

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