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The Vidya Centre For Yoga & Wellness offers yoga, day/overnight retreats, nutritional counselling, massage therapy, reiki, energy healing, infrared sauna, psychic/astrological readings, healing modalities, private yoga therapy, and health coaching. Vidya's Veggie Gourmet Restaurant shares the building, offering delicious organic vegetarian & gluten-free world cuisine and outdoor patio. 


Group Supported:
10-Day Rejuvenation Course "Cleanse"

•  Empower yourself, build inner discipline, and attain a new level of health.                                                        

•  Reduce inflammation & body pain, balance hormones and blood sugar levels, lose excess weight and improve energy levels + so much more!

•  Discover what hundreds of Simcoe County community have thrived on

•  Long-distance cleansers welcome to join our meetings via FaceTime or live stream

with Kim Vidya, RHN, HOL  (Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Holistic Health Practitioner)

10 day nutritionist-assisted course includes:

  • unlimited schedule of all classes
  • Infrared sauna
  • lunch at Vidya's Veggie Gourmet Restaurant (for second meeting)
  • Discount at Vidya's Veggie Gourmet Restaurant
  • 2 group meetings and Q&A session
  • product discounts
  • individual daily guidance
  • daily email inspirations and information 
  • information booklet with recipes and food diary
  • buddy-support system

About The Course

The 10-Day Rejuvenation "Cleanse" Course focusses on unprocessed, living food, using food to heal, and allow the detoxification process to unfold naturally. We do this in part by eliminating the junk, processed, and heavy to digest type of foods, using specific nutrients to cleanse naturally, food combining, alkalizing, and anti-inflammatory foods.  It is a simple regime that could help set you up for life.

This course supports a strong immune system, an alkaline environment, an anti-cancer/heart disease environment, anti-inflammation, and much more. Anyone can do this course regardless of health condition.  Kim can customize food suggestions to support any disease, or condition you may be experiencing.  One can take part in this course while continuing on medication, in a safe and gentle way.

The 10-Day Rejuvenation Course was designed to be simple, deliciously nourishing, and anti-inflammatory, setting the stage for natural detoxification.  The course is appropriate for any food-restrictive diets, and for any disease-related conditions.  Most of us carry inflammation of varying degrees, causing body pain, aches, migraines, skin problems, emotional ups and downs, brain fog, bloating, IBS, insomnia, conditions that come and go, etc., so inflammation is my main focus. During the 10-Day Rejuvenation Course the body is given the setting to “clean house”: the colon, liver -- the organ systems, as well as the emotional body, the nadis (the channel through which life force flows) while learning how to incorporate this way of eating into daily life.




Please register with Kim  prior to start date to allow for preparation of documents and product order. 

Visit our EVENTS page to register or learn more about the 10-Day Cleanse and other upcoming courses. 

10-Day Rejuvenation Course Testimonials:

"The cleanse helped both my wife and I to feel rejuvenated and to reassess what we eat. We both lost weight and our skin tone dramatically improved. We didn't have cravings during the two week process as our bodies were well nourished.  I went from barely being able to get off the couchdue to arthritic hips, to feeling limber enough to come for yoga!  Kim is so supportive and knowledgable and I would recommend this for anyone who wants to improve their health and increase their knowledge." 
- Wade and Deborah
"I am still cleansing and feeling great. I am following the program and my knees are feeling better and I have more energy.  Everyday keeps getting better.  I am hungry for more information about getting and staying healthy."
- Cathy S
"I would like to thank you for your support. You are such a resource. I appreciate the non-threatening  non-judgemental learning environment that you provide.  As a repeat cleanser I found that I took yet another step to wellness as  I have added even more good habits to my repitoirere. I highly recommend this cleanse to anyone who is ready to make a change. Even if your are not ready ... jump in and test the waters."
- Kim H.
"I realize now how mindless my eating habits were, how much I was on auto pilot selecting foods without really knowing what I was consuming. Yes, my jaws are getting a good work out! My diet always did include many fresh fruits and veggies; however, I realize now the amount of processed food I ate. I really appreciate the reading information you send daily, it hits home the need for me to be mindful of my food selection, cooking habits and enjoying every bite as I chew my way to good health.  I did stop taking my diabetic meds on day one as I wanted to chart my sugars levels through out the ten days. My morning readings have been in the same range, I don't feel any ill affects, I haven't had any spikes or dips in sugar levels during the day. Great. With low glycemic foods on the list, I felt it was OK to stop the meds when I did. I will continue to monitor my sugar readings closely. I find I am snacking, grazing more - a handful of seeds, goji berries. I no longer have headaches, no ill feelings."
- Yvonne
"The 10 day cleanse was a wonderful journey.  The first fews days required commitment and planning as I have not in the past completed such an exercise but by day three I was into the groove and found it very easy to stick to the cleanse. Following is a list of the benefits I felt: felt lighter, softness of skin, decrease in headaches, sinus clearing. I highly recommend this experience to all.  The group suppert was wonderful.  A special thanks to Kim for provided outstanding support in-person and via email.  She answered questions and provided successful recommendations. I am still following the eating habits acquired during the cleanse and to my surprise my husband enjoys the recipes provided by Kim."
- Anna
"I was a little skeptical about cleanses, as I work in a medical field, and have only heard things that made me wonder if it was another quick fix.  I thought I would give this a try, as it only was a gentle cleanse, and maybe this would help for an ongoing inflammation health problem I have with my ankle, over a year now.  After trying the 10 day gentle cleanse I found all of my doubts of cleanses were for nothing.  This cleanse was easy to do, I was never hungry and I felt lighter.  All the health information Kim would send me daily was very informative.  From this eye-opening information, I made some life-changing alterations to my diet and way of living.  I am now very aware of what I put in my mouth.  I ask, "is this good for my body and mind or not?"  I spend most of my shopping in the organic section, health food store, and farmers market.  I read labels all the time, looking for bad toxins.  I am not sure if I have seen any changes with the inflammation, but then again, I have only been doing this new way of eating and drinking for 2 weeks. Here, is hoping that it becomes a success story in the end.  Thank you Kim, for all of your health information that you sent me daily and also the encouragement to keep me going.  Thank you also for opening my eyes to the toxic waste I was putting in my body through food, water and toxic chemicals that I apply daily to my skin.  I would recommend this colon cleanse and new way of living to anyone, who was thinking of doing a health awareness change."  
- Monique
"The past 9 days have been an interesting self discovery for me. I never considered myself disciplined and yet I have managed to stick to the rules and regiment, despite my cravings for chocolate. When I started coming to yoga just over a year ago, it was mostly out of curiosity. it has turned into an amazing journey of self discovery and self reflection. Doing this cleanse has been a great leap in my journey. I feel better physically and mentally, I feel strong and empowered to stand up for myself.  My skin is much softer, I feel more energetic and don't experience that mid afternoon energy slump, my mental fog has given way to mental clarity, my awareness of self is stronger. While I have always tried to shop for healthier foods, the cleanse has helped me take that to a whole new level. It has broadened my nutritional horizons and I experienced some amazing new flavours with the recipes you provided.  Taking time to shop, prepare and eat food has been a very valuable lesson and has helped me focus more on my needs and put myself first for a change. Thank you.
- Suzanne
"Thank you so much for all the support, wonderful reading material, links, movies, words of encouragement etc,  I can't begin to fathom all the time you put in to gather all this information and send it to us.  I have really incorporated a lot of things from the cleanse and am eating much better.  I feel really encouraged to keep going and not just because I am losing weight but because it is so good for me and I feel so much better.  What I find different is the fact that I can bypass a lot of food that I used to crave and it does not bother me.  I also have been in some social gatherings where I have taken a bite and moved on.  I am much more self-aware of what is happening in my body.  Thanks again for everything. You are a beacon of light on my journey."
- Sue
"This is my third time doing the cleanse and I am always surprise how well I feel and how easy it is to do the cleanse, every time I have adopted more good practices and learned some fabulous recipes. Thank you Kim for all the inspiring emails and the encouragement."
- Elena    
"I began this program thinking I was starting a new diet, but this is a new lifestyle, and I'm living it, and loving it!  I am still cleansing and feeling great.  I am following the program and my knees are feeling better and I have more energy.  Everyday keeps getting better.  I am hungry for more information about getting and staying healthy!"
- Cathy
"After doing these cleanses with you a number of times I've found each time it gets easier & more natural to follow. I will start with the highlights. I've lost 8 lbs, my usually blotchy skin is clear & glowing, my bowels are regular, and my energy levels were high enough during the cleanse that not only did I get the prescribed exercise each day but was able to continue my training toward running 5 km. I ran / walked for 5 km 4 times during the 10 day period. For years I have been struggling to regain control over my health through balance & awareness. 6 years ago I was riddled with cysts in my breasts, throat, & around my ovaries, terrible ear infections, joint pain & debilitating fatigue - at one point sleeping 12 - 16 hrs a day.  My immune & lymph systems were a mess.  Slowly I modified my activities & my eating habits & now live cyst free with no joint pain. The fatigue is still a factor I'm over coming but I'm able to challenge myself much more now.  During this cleanse, because I was focused on listening to my body, I recognized as the fatigue crept in and was able to increase my nutrients through juicing & take a few days off from strenuous exercise to give my body time to recover.  It is the best example I can provide to demonstrate how doing this cleanse can give anyone the basic tools to healthier living.  Still have lots of great food in the fridge & recipes I'm excited to try.  Am continuing to eat 'clean' through the day & reintroducing some non-cleanse food at dinner. Everything tastes so fresh & flavourful! Thank you for the inspiration, gentle direction & daily support." 
- Kristi
"I am really enjoying the food this time. I know that I was really toxic, more this time that last October.  It has been a brutal few months and I have not eaten well and neglected my wellness.  I had stored up a lot of emotions and I think that came out as well.  I remember last time I went through a day when I was really angry for no special reason.  So I guess the cleanse helps me deal with my emotions and release them. Thanks for the encouraging words and the support."
- Sue
"I really enjoyed the cleanse. I was pleasantly surprised, because I did not go hungry and really didn't have any cravings. After years of having digestive problems, I felt better within days. My energy seemed to be improving, so I plan on continuing with the same style of eating for a while at least. Thanks for all of your help and advice!"
- Jacquie
"Well here it is day 10!! I made it!!! I have to admit, I was overwhelmed and a little scared at the first meeting for our cleanse.  It was all so new to me. I had a stressful time trying to find all the organic foods I would need and new spices and sauces I really had never heard of before.  But, I persisted through and got it done.  Kim's emails helped me a lot to stay focused and stick to the plan :)  On day 3, I realized I felt "lighter" and my mind was clear and awake!  I found could verbalize my thoughts to my patients (I'm a dental hygienist) in a much clearer way.  Words would just come to me, to explain things better.  I  have never enjoyed cooking or being in the kitchen.  With the cleanse I had no choice!  But I have to say I really enjoyed my time in the kitchen preparing the recipes Kim gave us in our booklets, and even in her daily emails.  I enjoyed the preparing of the foods, the colours the textures the smells and the tastes!  Best of all I actually had the energy and drive to do all this because my body was fuelled by the healthy food I had been giving it, and by the knowledge that I was doing good for me (and my daughter).  I will continue to eat these healthy foods and eagerly await the next cleanse.  I know with each cleanse I will learn more and do a better job with things like the dry brushing, drinking a bit more water, and taking more time to sit down with my tea and reading all Kim's wonderful emails :) I am so grateful for finding Vidya Yoga!! Thank you Kim for all your wisdom and all that you offer to us!!! Namaste <3"
- Linda
"Every time I do The cleanse I am finding it easier and easier.  I also found that this time the first few days were not as yucky for me as they have been in the past. Some of the benefits I am feeling are that I am sleeping more deeply, my moods are generally better and I feel like my emotions more even – not so many extremes.  I have more energy throughout the day but am tired when I go to bed at night. The best part for me is that my chronic pain has improved and my clothes fit me better.  I like that it is easy to fit into my busy schedule.  I wake in the morning drink my water and make my green smoothie – it’s so easy.  I also make a pot of soup and some brown rice that kept me going during the week." 
- Anastasia
"This is my second cleanse with Kim & I found this one to be more challenging than the first. I was eating mostly raw food for the first few days & my digestive system was not happy with that at all!  Constant bloating & discomfort. I switched to more cooked foods & found that works much better for me. The first few days I was sooo lacking in energy, but eventually that passed. And the mental clarity I was waiting for took a few days to come around also. I have tried some new foods such as Bok Choy (well, I have eaten it before but never cooked it myself), coconut milk (very decadent!), & coconut yogurt. I have enjoyed some of the cleanse such as the daily dandelion root tea & other things such as the Nurofibe not so much. I have lost a couple of pounds - bonus!  Generally I feel lighter.  I started this cleanse to get rid of my sugar & junk food cravings. This cleanse kicked butt to those almost immediately. My cravings instead were meat & Zen tea!  I can't see myself as a full-time vegan, but I will increase the ratio of fruits, veggies & real food to non-vegan foods.  Kim has been sending us a plethora of information - overwhelming some mornings. But I am most grateful for it all and have put everything in a folder to peruse at my leisure. And to remind me to keep up some of these good habits I have started. Or to renew the ones I had done for months after the first cleanse but had let slip.
- Wendy
"After doing the cleanse now for a few times, I find I enjoy it more.  Each time I learn what works and what doesn't for me.  I take a little piece each cleanse to help make it more manageable for me.  I feel lighter, more energetic, and get a sense of accomplishment.  I don't know why I keep going back to my old ways, but I am sure one of these days it will all just click.  You have changed my life from being run down terribly to now knowing most of this is under my control.  I do hope you continue with doing these cleanses as I know I need to do them at least every 6 months. Thank you for everything.
- Mariann
"In the first couple of days I did not think I was going stick with it, but with the support of both my husband and yourself I was able to push myself to not give up.  The only challenge I found was preparing my meals but after a couple of days I got into the hang of it and found that I am not really missing much by eating healthy. The biggest struggle I had was at my niece's confirmation celebration on Fri night.  Everyone was eating a dinner that smelt amazing and there were some delicious looking desserts but I held myself together ate the food I had prepared in advance :0)  Otherwise, I am feeling great and I will continue to try and eat as healthy as I can!  Thank you Kim for all your support :0) "
- Manuela 
"If I knew that the 10-Day Cleanse Program would give all this nourishment to my body, mind and soul, I would have ventured myself way before! Only going through it to really understand it! It is for sure a life changing experience! Thank You Kim for opening this door for us, and for sharing this knowledge with us! I'm very happy to have started it, I feel that the things I should pursuit in life are slowly unfolding for me.  It's funny how things have a perfect timing, this cleanse came right in a moment where I needed a break from somewhere, learning how to nourish my body helps me releasing some of the stress. Namaste."
- Fernanda
"I feel so good now that I did a clean sweep and I'm Not going back to my old behaviours! I feel revitalized.  I realized that I do not have a dependancy on coffee and the other evils that haunt me, so the less of the unhealthy stuff I have around me, the better choices I will make. Just as we surround ourselves with good people, so should we with good food.  Its just reprogramming. I feel great.  Thank you so much Kimmy for your continued support and eternal friendship."
- Kari (Calgary, Alberta)
"My daughter and I feel like we still have so much more to learn from this about our bodies and ourselves that we have decided to extend it to 30 days I feel like I already knew a large bulk of the information given coming into this however I had no idea how to start or execute it and this was the perfect way to put it all into action with lots of support and encouragement."
- Sam
"I have not found this cleanse to be hard at all. The food was great and I didn't even mind people eating other stuff around me. (Went to a dinner party where they ate Wings, Perogies, Quesadias and cheese and crackers. All my favourites.) I have decided to continue with this way of eating but with some modifications. I have slept better, had more energy and don't have the down time after lunch or dinner that I use to. I wasn't able to do as much yoga as I wanted due to my work schedule and working up to going away in a couple of weeks. But I did manage to find other ways to get the exercise in (stairs, walking around the parking lot at lunch, major house cleaning and walking the mall) I will do another in the future."
- Joanne
"Just thought I would let you know that I am doing much better than earlier in the week. I have done very well on the cleanse. We had to go out to dinner tonight for an event. I ordered a salad and took my own dressing. Surprisingly I am not craving much of anything. I am always feeling satisfied. I also got on the scale this morning and was down 8 lbs.  Hoping to get in to try one of your yoga classes."
- Kim
"The 10 day cleanse was the most life-altering experience for me. I had no expections going into this. I have tried so many options to deal with the pain in my body, from ankles, feet, lower back, shoulders, upper back, and osteoarthritis in my knees; and finally my stomach issues with diverticulosis. My family doctor offered no advice except pain medications; and a visit to a neurologist to look into my ankle pain (neuropathy) was a waste of time and I didn't go back. The surprise for me is that within the 10 days of the cleanse my ankles are pain free and my body has quietened down remarkably. I was a meat eater, usually eating on the run, so obviously I am now totally converted to the food offered in the package for the 10 day cleanse. Thank you Kim for your guidance and offering the yoga classes geared to restorative and chronic pain management."  
- Morag
 "Since this was my second time around doing the cleanse I found it fairly easy.  I pretty much eat vege's and grains most of the time, however did fall off in the sugar department.  So having said all that this cleanse just makes me feel better and put me back on track.  The yoga was something I hadn't really realized how much I missed it and I truly needed it at this time in my life and probably forever!  Looking forward to the next part of my change which will be the juicing.  I love being able to contact you with my questions when I have any concern and your knowledge is so valuable to me.  Doing my first cleanse in July and now this one really is a life transforming experience.  The videos give you so much food for thought too and I love your daily emails of support....Thank-you for offering this cleanse and lifestyle introduction...truly a life saver!"
- Karina
"I feel GREAT!! I didn't know if I could get through a few days on the cleanse but today is Day 9 and I have stuck to the program faithfully. No headaches, sugar levels are within range without medication, I feel energized!!! Lost some weight too which gave me a little more motivation. The group aspect also helps knowing the others want to achieve a healthier life style through food as I do. Of course your encouragement and dedication to us is the best support!! I love the articles you send and all the suggested recipes - new ones to try add excitement and help stay the course. I even find shopping in the "organic" food section a treat and believe me I have been reading all the ingredient lists of everything to acquire more knowledge.  I have also enjoyed the yoga classes and I really appreciate the reading information you send daily, it hits home the need for me to be mindful of my food selection, cooking habits and enjoying ever bite as I chew my way to good health. Thanks for your support."
- Yvonne
"I approached the cleanse with trepidation.  Never had I been able to complete other cleanses.  To my surprise, I was not hungry,.. I felt nourished and uplifted at the idea of how much good I was doing to my body.  Thanks Kim for all the support.  Your daily emails, recipes, personalized follow-up all helped me do what I thought was the impossible. I'm on board for next spring! My body, heart and soul thank you for allyou do, and have done." 
- Sue D.
"The cleanse was great. Excellent way to get back on track with diet and exercise regimens. Good reminder that if you are what you eat as they say, you can be much better knowing more about your food."
- Doug C.
"Thank you Kim!  The 10 day cleanse was not what I expected - it was far better. I learned a lot about food & nutrition, tried some new foods & recipes (most of which were delicious!), & generally felt better. My blood pressure dropped to normal levels & my arthritis pain diminished to the point that I can usually get by without taking any medication.  The daily e-mails were loaded with information & support.  Great motivation to keep going. I am continuing with many aspects of the cleanse & am certainly thinking more about what goes into my mouth & how I treat my body.  I will most likely attend one of the fall sessions as I am sure it would only benefit further." 
- Wendy
"The Cleanse was just the beginning to something more wonderful.  I was such a skeptic, but knew I needed to try something.  Kim was and is so supportive thoughout the process.  She has the knowledge and the facts to support everything she advises.  My real goal was to lose some weight and get me motivated and it absolutely worked. I always was a healthy eater, or so I thought?  I know now with Kim’s help, how to make even better choices than I did before.  Oh and add the yoga to this experience and you have a spa vacation for your mind, body and soul.  My husband Jon is still quoting thingsfrom your emails you sent us.  He looks and feels so much better....we are true believers in this lifestyle and plan on incorporating as much as we can from this day forward.  The journey is not over....till we meet again."  
- Karina and Jon Bryant
"Thank you for these wonderful and very informative emails!  It is refreshing to be receiving such inspirational guidance!  Thank you again and I am looking forward to Saturday."
- Stephanie
"Thank you so much Kim for your daily emails and full of great information.  Thank you also for getting back with any questions that I have had.  It has been made easier as my husband is eating with me and enjoying all the meals.  Your recipes have been extremely helpful!"
- Valerie
"Your daily emails are wonderful and supportive, and full of awesome info.thank you. I find great value in them.  I feel the best I have felt in 6 six years, thanks. I have more energy then ever :)"
- Tanya
"Thank you Kim for all the information we were given this past week.  I am happy with the results and am interested in the liver cleanse.  I have been told that I look amazing; that I am glowing.  I have also lost 5 lbs which is very good considering that I have been eating well and have not had any side effects from the cleanse except good ones.  I am also interested in doing this again in the fall.  Your recipes are fantastic."   
- Jean
."Kim thank you for all the inspiration you have send my way, I can not believe how well I feel and how I have not felt hungry or have had any cravings. My hope is to maintain some eating habits learned during the cleanse, I love your recipes I want to try them all."
- Elena
"The cleanse helped both my wife and I to feel rejuvenated and to reassess what we eat. We both lost weight and our skin tone dramatically improved. We didn't have cravings during the two week process as our bodies were well nourished.  I went from barely being able to get off the couchdue to arthritic hips, to feeling limber enough to come for yoga!  Kim is so supportive and knowledgable and I would recommend this for anyone who wants to improve their health and increase their knowledge." 
- Wade and Deborah
"I have some things to say about the benefits of cleanse. It was my first time to do the cleanse & thanks to you, that I've done it! My life was changed completely, it was almost like turned up side down: I've become more aware of what I've been putting in my mouth.  I've start making my own healthy meals, which my family also liked! I've become more confident in myself, & energetic... There are lots more to it!  I've lost 10 pounds (bravo!) & I like myself better now!  The last, but not least: your encouragements & weekly wisdoms are great, thank you, thank you, thank you!"
- Dace
"I just wanted to bring you up to date with me. I am still eating the way I learned, its getting alot easier. My cravings have all but stopped. I used to always be hungry before I went to bed and would eat or I could not sleep with my stomach saying it was hungry. Now I can be hungry ..just a little and go to bed and its fine. Blood sugars are good, no more swings to the low. I have lost 17 lbs!! I bought my first 2 piece in 8 years and have a tanned belly now!!"
- Joanne
"I had never done a cleanse before.....had thought about it but never felt comfortable or sure that I would have the willpower to do it.  I got the info re: your studio and the cleanse from Tanya and thought it sounded interesting.  Plus I liked your website and found that Tanya and Dawn were teaching at your studio (I had met Dawn previously and had enjoyed her yoga style).  I really felt I needed a boost to get back into some healthy eating and get back on track.  Before deciding to come I had checked with you that I wouldn't be fasting as I didn't want to do anything unhealthy.  Well, what a surprise I found that I did have willpower and discipline.  I enjoyed the food immensely and apart from having some headaches early on I felt great.  To my amazement I even managed the challenges of eating out, but did cancel a couple of events as I didn't want to spoil my ten days. Your daily emails of information and recipes, plus your ready answers to any questions I had really empowered me and helped me immensely, not to mention the wonderful yoga classes that were included.  I really liked the fact that you weren't just giving us some information and 'pills' but guiding us through the whole process and dealing with the whole person (eating, exercise, breathing meditation etc.).  It was all so 'balanced'. Not only did I feel great after the ten days, I had lost some pounds and my blood sugar was the best it had been for a some time (the latter was more important than the pounds).  I really did and do feel re-energized.  A big surprise was, and is, that we are still eating in a similar fashion.....I certainly plan on doing another cleanse in six months, perhaps incorporating a fast with it as well. Thank you Kim, it's been great!
- Valerie
"Thank you for the excellent information and the EXCELLENT support through the cleanse.  You really are a wonderful support." 
- Deborah
I am on day 12 of my 10 day cleanse with Kim VidyaIts day 12 because I just don't want to stop just yet and lose this really awesome feeling.. I was not expecting to feel this good. I am energetic, and both physically and emotionally extremely happy.. Thank you Kim for your knowledge, inspiration and fun. I was already gluten free , coffee free and sugar free for the most part and did not think I would feel much.. I was hoping for headache so that I could know that I was detoxing.. Ha ha... What I didn't expect was to feel so energetically happy emotionally and physically..
Now I am still continuing to eat organically as much as possible.. My moods are calm and emotions are in check.. I like the lightness I feel after I eat.. I no longer feel sleepy after eating. I also liked the challenge of disipline. 
 I picked up a lot of good tips and recipes that have now become part of my lifestyle.. I give this cleanse a thumbs up..
Om Shanti, Marie


Taking part of the 10-Day Rejuvenation Cleanse was an affirmation for me.  The healing benefits of clarity, connection and lightness of being brought an experience of peace and higher levels of consciousness.  I send my gratitude to Kim for her loving guidance and the beautiful women of the group for new friendships.


I feel so great! This cleanse has not only cleansed me on a physical level of noticing a healthier looking glow to my skin and shin in my locks and several pounds lighter, but on an emotional and spiritual level I also feel renewed and cleansed! 

I am so grateful to have had the ability to challenge my self to step out of my poor habits and be reunited with my personal well-being. The guidance and support from kim and her program have aided me to really challenge myself to live well. 

I am already seeing the trickle effect on those close to me, as well as those youth I work with daily ask me how my cleanse is going and many have also showed interest!

I truly feel like I am back on the path to Mino-biimaadziwin (the good life).  


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