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The Vidya Centre For Yoga & Wellness offers yoga, day/overnight retreats, nutritional counselling, massage therapy, reiki, energy healing, infrared sauna, psychic/astrological readings, healing modalities, private yoga therapy, and health coaching. Vidya's Veggie Gourmet Restaurant shares the building, offering delicious organic vegetarian & gluten-free world cuisine and outdoor patio. 


Nia movement class with Tanya Armstrong
to Oct 23

Nia movement class with Tanya Armstrong

No experience necessary! Move at your own pace and enjoy movement and music with other like minded spirits! 

Tanya Nia.jpg

Tanya has been leading group Nia classes for 12 years! She is a wonderful teacher who has the ability to lead in a fun and joyful way. Join Tanya starting Monday September 18th for 6 week for $85, or join by the class for $15 per class. Sustaining Members pay only half price! 

Please contact Tanya directly for registration and payment. 

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Universal Alignment Meditation Journeys, with Nancy Arruda
7:00pm 7:00pm

Universal Alignment Meditation Journeys, with Nancy Arruda

Please contact Nancy directly for Questions or to Reserve your space! 

Please contact Nancy directly for Questions or to Reserve your space! 

Universal Alignment Meditation Journeys

Facilitated by Nancy Arruda of Universal Sky

Connect with your Higher Self, Inner BEing, Unconscious Mind, Spirit Guides, Angels and the Divine. Intermediate & Advanced Level Discussions for people who have foundational understanding on; Energy, Chakra, Aura's and other Metaphysical Topics.

This  Meditation Journey is in alignment with the current astrological configurations.  Planetary alignments which create energetic pathways to what we are experiencing on a personal and transpersonal level.  Whenever we have something that transpires in life it is believed to be due to the planetary alignments and activations that are taking place.
Before the meditation journey, I will describe the energy of what is happening in the universe and how that energy is currently impacting us.  This gives you the ability to reflect upon your daily, weekly or monthly activity and relate to what you are learning on a personal or spiritual level, which integrates self-awareness, healing and inspiration.
Then I will channel a guided meditation journey that works with the universal frequencies so that we can benefit from it and consciously work to align and/or transform the vibrations within life. The theme is different from week to week, and some examples are; raising your own personal vibration, infusing love, abundance consciousness, removal of obstacles, gaining understanding of the life lessons, Chakra alignments, Auric cleanses, strengthening your aura, meeting your Spirit Guides and Angels, and so much more…
During the meditation I hold an intention and create a sacred space for everyone participating which allows for safe and easy access to your Higher-Self and your unconscious mind.
After the meditation, everyone is welcome to share their experience and if you do you will receive insight into your personal experience and symbolism within your meditation as it applies to you specifically and what you may be experiencing now.

Join me into gaining insight, clarity, peace and the tools to BEing and feeling aligned within the Self through these Guided Mediation Journeys.

For September:

Autumn Equinox UA Meditation Journey
Join me for a special Universal Alignment Meditation Journey on Tuesday September 19th, 2017, at 7:00 pm, as we explore and connect with the Earth Shift during the Autumn Equinox.  This journey will be about embracing transformation as the season of change approaches us!  Make sure to register with payment by contacting Nancy Arruda directly!  You don't want to miss aligning and transforming internally with change as the earth begins to prepare for her colourful shift!
Location:  The Vidya Centre for Yoga & Wellness, 238 Barrie Street (Highway 27), Thornton, ON

Registration:  Please contact Nancy Arruda directly through FB messenger, call or text 905-717-1452 or email.


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Heart & Soul - Day Retreat for Self-Lovea & Compassion, with Desiree Salis

Retreat includes organic meal at Vidya's Veggie Gourmet! 

Retreat includes organic meal at Vidya's Veggie Gourmet! 

To extend your love and light to the world, you must first ensure your own needs are met and your cup is full. Enjoy a day of rejuvenation and heart-centred practices to guide you into a deeper sense of awareness and acceptance of yourSELF. Enjoy a vegan meal rooted in the yogic philosophy of compassion and non-harming, and the support of community. Together we will create a sense of openness through empathy and compassion to enliven the light within and share it with the world around us. Tune into the wellspring of love and joy that is located at the heart.

Summer of Soul Day Retreat (please print receipt)
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3:00pm 3:00pm

Tea With Scarlet - Psychic Medium

Join Psychic Medium Scarlet Evienne as she connects with your departed loved ones over tea. In the beautiful safe surroundings of our Great Room, in a group setting, be comforted by her loving, motherly nature as she helps bring clarity and understanding to your heart. 

Early bird ends September 14th. Purchase tickets online below, by e-transfer here or in store at Vidya's Veggie Gourmet.

Tea With Scarlet
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7:30pm 7:30pm

Core Integration Yoga Workshop with Anna Griffiths (2 dates)

To register please use PayPal link below, send e-transfer including HST to or pay at Vidya's front desk. 

Second workshop of its kind on October 15th 1-2:30

Developing core stability and strength is integral to a strong and safe practice. This workshop will help you understand what it means to isolate, engage and integrate your core muscles throughout a yoga practice. Learn how to power up your core while staying tension free in other parts of your body, understand basic vocabulary and increase your overall core awareness in this creative and fun program!

Come ready to sweat and try new things!
Suitable for all levels.
Limited Space. 


Core Integration Workshop With Anna
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5:00pm 5:00pm

Organic Vegan Thanksgiving FEAST at Vidya's Veggie Gourmet!

Vidya's front of building.jpg

[All Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free] 

5-Course Thanksgiving Feast at Vidya's Sunday October 8th 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

MENU [*All Organic* *All Vegan* *All Gluten-Free*]

Appetizer 1 - Creamy Kale Caesar salad with almond parmesan 

Appetizer 2 - Thai Butternut Squash Soup

Appetizer 3 - Golden Shiitake "fries" 

Main Entrees (two options)

Option 1 - Penne pasta in a smoky blush tomato sauce topped with crisp coconut "bacun" and French baguette with our signature vegan butter

Option 2 - Sautéed portobello mushrooms in brown rice miso gravy spilled over grilled cauliflower steak, and kale cranberry mash with French baguette with our signature vegan butter

Dessert (two options)

Option 1 - Chocolate Brownie Cake and vegan ice cream topped with our warm caramel sauce

Option 2 - Peach apple Brown Betty drizzled with maple sweetened coconut kefir

$47 per person
Early bird Rate $42 per person (by September 25th)

Make your reservation now or ask a question

Vidya's Thanksgiving Feast
Reservations Required 458-2000
Retain Receipt - Questions?
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6:00pm 6:00pm

The Art of Healthy Menopause - with Kim Vidya, RHN, HOL

Seminar to be held in the Great Room at The Vidya Centre.

This 2.5 hour seminar will cover aspects of nutrition, yoga, mindfulness, breath work, supplementation, and how they relate to a healthy, worry-free menopause. Transition to this natural part of being a woman with a gentle approach. Explore the transition from childbearing years to elder hood - in sisterhood! Let us learn to embrace and respect our body, and share our gifts. Includes class, movement, lecture/discussion, tea and snack.

The Art of Healthy Menopause

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3:00pm 3:00pm

Rest & Restore with Messages from your guides - A Retreat of spiritual mediumship and mindful yoga

Spiritual Medium Nancy Arruda  joins Kim Vidya for a half day retreat including Restorative Yoga, Reiki, messages from your guides followed by a delicious organic dinner at Vidya's Veggie Gourmet restaurant! 

Reiki Restore With Messages From Your Guides
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to Nov 30

Deepen Your Yoga Practice - With Desiree Salis and Kim Vidya


5 Modules Thursdays from 5:45-7:00pm

Join Kim Vidya and Desiree Salis for a deeper exploration into your personal yoga practice, covering various asana/postures and movements, as well as yogic techniques to elevate your practice to the next level. 

Would you like to delve more deeply into yourSelf from the perspective of yoga?

Or perhaps learn the subtle refinements of your current practice to be as safe and perfected for your body as it can be? Do you desire to go challenge yourself, but fear injury?

In this playful environment you will explore yoga in a lighthearted way. We will guide you through specific postures (asana) and delve deeply into each one breaking it down using principles of anatomy and proper alignment. As well, we will guide you into practices that will help you reach deeper levels of consciousness through your body, mind and breath.

Hope you will join us!

If you can't make it for the entire session you are welcome to join pro-rated or class by class. Discounted rates for Sustaining Members, as always.
Kim Vidya and Desiree Salis

5 Thursdays from 5:45-7pm - join one or more workshops! $28 reg., $23 each for sustaining member or all five for $120 plus taxes.

**Sustaining Members are individuals who help to keep us going here at the centre. They pay a special monthly price and get access to unlimited regular classes, discounts on workshops and retreats, as well as special discounts at Vidya's Veggie Gourmet! 

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6:00pm 6:00pm

"Sangha Sisterhood Tribe" Bi-Weekly Women's Circle

A Bi-weekly women's circle meet every other Friday evening from 6 pm - 7:30 pm.  By donation (suggested donation $15)

Circle is lead by several women from the Vidya tribe. We wish to increase our circle of friends, to teach and learn from one another, and to provide a lasting sacred feminine support system. We wish for this circle to grow into a family - a tribe where you can come to feel safe, accepted and nourished.

Optional dinner at Vidya's Veggie Gourmet Restaurant for $20 for a 2-course meal, or enjoy a cup of tea and a "not-too-sweet" dessert. 

Register for the circle online here. Hope you will Join us!




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2:00pm 2:00pm

Radical Forgiveness - A Day Retreat For Men, Women, and Couples - With Kim Vidya

Radical Forgiveness Poster Sep 30 2017.jpg.jpeg

The cultivation of forgiveness isn't an easy one, but this work on our heart and psyche is extremely rewarding. When we learn to forgive, we can feel unmistakably lighter. We are better able to see more clearly, and gain access to unlimited energy inside and around us. Energy that was once being consumed by the past can now become an open resource for mindfulness and living in the present moment. 

In this day retreat you will learn valuable tools for releasing the tension of anger, frustration, and resentment, and open new doorways for forgiveness, and life affirming progress. Through yoga theory, gentle asana, breath work, mindfulness meditation, sharing, and ceremony, together we can heal old wounds and strengthen our connection to our true spirit. We can learn to utilize these tools in many areas of life, career, and relationships. 

This retreat will include a delicious Organic dinner at Vidya's Veggie Gourmet! Be sure to eat a good lunch as we will not be eating until approximately 6pm. 

Yoga of Forgiveness
Print & Retain Receipt
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SOLD OUT! NEXT DATE AUGUST 13 ......... Rest & Restore with Messages from your guides - An afternoon of spiritual mediumship and mindful yoga

Spiritual Medium Nancy Arruda  joins Kim Vidya for a half day retreat including restorative yoga, Reiki, messages from your guides followed by a delicious organic lunch at Vidya's Veggie Gourmet restaurant! 

****ONE SPOT LEFT - JULY 10TH 2017****

Reiki Restore With Messages From Your Guides
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Kim Vidya's 10-Day Rejuvenation Cleanse Course, For Mind and Body
6:00pm 6:00pm

Kim Vidya's 10-Day Rejuvenation Cleanse Course, For Mind and Body

Although this is a 10-day cleanse, it is not necessary to visit every day. There are two group meetings and the initial meeting is mandatory. It is also up to you how many yoga classes and saunas to attend. 

Please note the initial meeting for this cleanse is Friday June 30th 6pm in the Great Room at The Vidya Centre. The cleanse officially begins Monday July 3rd. In order to ensure Kim has your booklets and product ready please register well in advance. 

10-Day Rejuvenation Cleanse
Please Print Receipt
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5:30pm 5:30pm

EVENT CANCELLED - ENJOY THE SOLSTICE! Celebrate Summer Solstice! Live Sound Bath with Dinner at Vidya's



Enjoy a 90 minute live crystal bowl sound bath featuring Jenn Prothero, meditation with Kim Vidya and Desiree Salis followed by a delicious dinner at Vidya's Veggie Gourmet! Dinner includes soup of the day plus entree of choice. Weather permitting we will eat outside on our beautiful sunny patio!

Summer Solstice Sound Bath & Dinner

Hello, World!

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Learn Qi Gong - A Soft Inner Peace

Learn Qi Gong - A Soft Inner Peace

Join Hae Kwang Sunim for The Full Bad Stress Out "'Inner Peace" Qigong - Don't Miss It! **THIS IS NOT LIKE ANY OTHER QI-GONG YOU EVER EXPERIENCED** Special Class also Includes full lying down guided Inner Peace Qigong.

Please Email Have Kwang directly to register


Soft 'Inner Peace' Qigong leads to the deep release of dis-ease / stress and the restoring of one's energy channels and the infusion of fresh Qi and Peace through the body (reconnection to the Universal Qi field).

Workshop: Only $25.00 (12:45 pm to 3:00 pm). **Price includes sharing tea circle at the end of class. We supply use of meditation chairs, mats and blankets. Please arrive 15 minutes early @ 12:30 pm. Class begins promptly at 12:45 pm 

Class 1 is 12:45 to 3  Class 2 is 2:45 to 4:30

You will find all in the class descriptions and good news.. People are registering on the meet now - here are prices and times:

Class 1

Please click and see here:

Class 2

Please click and see here:

About Inner Peace Qigong


We invite you to a great class which includes Zen Qigong, "Experiential" Qi Energy infusion and healing instruction, Meditation and more. This class also includes a soft, flowing series of Tao In, Deep Breathing, Relaxation and an amazing stress reduction closing and meditation that will leave you floating out of the class. The energy healing components of the classes are taught at Zen Temples in Korea that specialize in martial arts. This class by Hae Kwang Sunim is considered the ultimate stress reducer.

All are welcome!!

**What to Bring? A yoga mat and anything else that will make you comfortable for this class.

A friend!

Class Benefits Include: Reduced stress level / deepening mind-body connection, improved chi flow, blood pressure, massaging of all organs of the body, reduced anxiety and depression, relieving chronic pain, improved balance and coordination, improved sleep quality (such as staying asleep longer at night and feeling more alert during the day) improved vitality and everyday physical functioning.


Health = A Balanced Flow Of Qigong  

The health of our body is dependent upon a clear, strong and balanced flow of Chi through the Sen Lines. Since qigong practice accomplishes just this, it should come as no surprise that the benefits of qigong (also spelled “Chi Kung”) practice extend to every physical system of our bodies, as well as to the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our Being.

Physical Benefits of Qigong Practice:

Qigong practice makes the body strong and supple. It improves balance, stamina and flexibility. It has positive effects on the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, and immune and central nervous systems. It tends to create smooth skin, and a pleasant feeling of deep warmth within the body. It increases sexual vitality, and allows our sleep-time to be more deep and restorative. Over time, qigong practice can reduce or eliminate chronic pain. It also has the power to reverse the aging process, and restore youthfulness.

Emotional Benefits:

The smooth and balanced flow of Qi created by qigong practice shows itself as a joyful, relaxed, optimistic and energized state of mind. While the emotional energies of anger, fear, anxiety or grief still may arise, they will be much less “sticky” – and be held and then dissolved within the larger field of joy, gratitude, acceptance and equanimity.

Mental & Spiritual Benefits of Qigong:

The abundance of clarified energy and mental stillness generated by qigong practice supports great mental clarity, and nourishes both intuition and creativity. As our intelligence becomes rooted in a connection to the inner body, it widens and deepens in increasingly wonderful ways.

As we deepen in our qigong practice, we become aware of more subtle realms of Being, and begin to experience, directly, our interconnectedness with All-That-Is.

As acclaimed cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz, vice-chair and professor of surgery at Columbia University and director of the Cardiovascular Institute and Complementary Medicine Program at New York–Presbyterian Hospital writes in his best selling book ‘Staying Young’: “Qigong allows us to cope with the day to day struggle of being human – it can help us stretch and stay loose and balanced in both mind and body.” On the Oprah Winfrey show in November he simply put it this way, "If you want to be healthy and live to be 100, do Qigong." He also added that Qigong reverses the aging process.

Parts of P.K.Z.Q. are modeled off of the Mind-Body Wellness Program taught at the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. The mindfulness based stress reduction meditation techniques come from Dr. Jongmae Park of Loyola Marymount University. During P.K.Z.Q., cares and troubles wash away. Replacing them are positive images, increased confidence and peace of mind.

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Live Blood Cell Microscopy Clinic - A Diagnostic Tool For Your Health

Live Blood Cell Microscopy Clinic - A Diagnostic Tool For Your Health

We are excited to host A Live Blood Cell Microscopy Clinic! Saturday November 26th from 12pm onward Register by emailing or calling 705-715-6443

$80 for full reading. Added bonus: consultation and recommendations from Homeopath and live blood cell microscopist, Cassie Landolfi

About Live Cell Microscopy

Live Cell Microscopy (LCM) provides an extremely close look at your blood.  Unlike tradition blood tests, an LCM test gives you a more accurate picture of your overall health and well being. Traditional blood tests that doctors employ are essentially an ‘autopsy’ of our blood whereas with a LCM test, the blood is still living.  With living blood, we can see more than what a traditional blood test will reveal.  What’s more, the results are immediate so you do not have to wait a week or two to get your results.

How is the test performed

A drop of blood is painlessly extracted from your fingertip and then it is placed on a slide so that it can be viewed under a specialized microscope.  At this stage, since the blood is freshly extracted, it is still very much alive.  The microscope is attached to a screen so you will be able to see your live blood while it is being assessed.  I will walk you through all the particulars and point out any areas of concern.

 What will be revealed A LCM blood test can reveal if you have:

·      Mineral deficiencies (such as low levels of iron or other vitamins, like B12)

·      Liver and/or kidney stress

·      Hormonal issues (such as menopause or thyroid deficiencies

·      Parasites in your body

·      Any issues with the structure and function of your blood cells

At the end of your test, I will provide you with a report that contains recommendations to follow in order to improve your health (for instance, nutritional changes or suggested treatment modalities and/or supplements).

How we use this Live Cell Microscopy at A Healthy Solution For You

Live blood tests are offered as a series so that we are able to use them to measure your progress during treatment program.  Your first test will provide all the necessary baseline measures needed at the start of a treatment program.  Thereafter, each subsequent test is used to measure your progress, these tests are powerful motivators.  Most of my clients continue making positive changes in their lifestyle because they are able to see instant results that are real and meaningful.

All tests are performed by Cassie Landolfi, technician certified for Capillary Punctures, Live Blood Cell Microscopic certified in Phase Contrast, Dark Field and Dry Blood Cell Analysis.  Call today to learn more about Cassie’s availability.

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to Jun 26

NIA - Move with Freedom!

Nia is a workout, a practice, a lifestyle program. Nia is a movement form that blends martial arts, dance arts, and healing arts into one practice. Based on the science of the body's design, Nia can provide an invigorating cardio workout, freedom in self-expression, and mindful reflection towards a more healthy lifestyle for every body, of any age or skill level.

6 Week Course for $90 plus HST, or drop in for $20 per session. NO experience necessary! If you can walk you can dance! Easy on the joints, joyful movement. Join us.

Nia - 6-week Program
Retain Receipt To Show Teacher
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6:00pm 6:00pm

Elemental Chakra Embodiment - A 5-Week Course with Paulina

For more information please contact Paulina

During this 5 Week Series we will dive deep into the first 5 Chakras or Energy Centers within our bodies from the Root (Muladhara) to the Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra. Each day we focus on one Chakra and EMBODYING a greater AWARNESS of its connection to the Element and how this reflects in our bodies.

As we dive deeper, learn TOOLS and PRACTICES to Balance and Activate each Element and Energy Center within YOU through....

* The Power of Voice
* Guided Dance
* Elemental Yoga (postures and sequences to ignite each element) 
* Transformative Mediation, 
* Sound Healing Journeys
* Embodiment Practices Develop a DEEPER, more balanced CONNECTON with YOURSELF and FEEL more Aligned and PRESENT in your BODY!

Come to ground, flow, transform, breathe, and step into deep inner peace and connection with YOU, your community, the Earth and the openess and freedom that awaits your being.

Wednesday from 6-7:30pm
$130 (+hst) Regular Price
$110 (+hst) **EARLY BIRD** (Ends May 14)
$100 (+hst) Sustaining Members

Elemental Chakra
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Yoga Date Night Followed by Dinner at Vidya's
5:30pm 5:30pm

Yoga Date Night Followed by Dinner at Vidya's

Join us for a  1 hour yoga class (with a friend or lover) from 5:30-6:30 pm followed by a delicious all Organic meal at Vidya's Veggie Gourmet and/or Open Mic Night in the Great Room! ! (Includes Yoga class for two, Soup of the day/corn bread + Entree of Choice)

Reserve your yoga spot online here

Reserve your table at Vidya's here

Yoga Date Night For Two
Please Retain Receipt
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Valentine's Dinner - Sittings at 5pm or 7pm
5:00pm 5:00pm

Valentine's Dinner - Sittings at 5pm or 7pm

Valentine's Dinner $75 per person ($65 if purchased by February 5th) includes live music from 7:30-10pm! 

*Click above picture to enlarge 

Purchase via Paypal, Credit Card by phone or e-transfer here 

Valentine's Dinner For Two
Print Receipt To Show
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7:00pm 7:00pm

The Four Levels Of BEing with Nancy Aruda

The Four Levels of BEing… Journey into Wholeness through Healing!

An Introductory Course on Understanding YOUR Four Levels of BEing; Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.

Is there a desire within you to attain a sense of inner wholeness and oneness? Are you searching for peace?  
Do you aspire to feel connected on all Four Levels of BEing; Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual?
In this foundational course, the focus is on personal awareness through experiential learning. Many people are on a path to self-development and personal healing which encompasses expanding your consciousness to all areas of life.
This course allows each participant to gain understating into their own unique, energetic blueprints on their Four Levels of BEing, through uniquely guided Meditation Journeys. Each journey is specifically designed so that each participant travels into a part of their unconscious mind and discovers their own personal inner truths about themselves. Along the path to finding the truth, they may also discover unconscious limiting beliefs within their life that stop them from fully living from a place of heart centered authenticity.
Using the technique of Meditations to discover ones inner truth allows each individual the ability to discover for themselves, their own unique frequencies and perspectives upon life, awakening them to a more authentic way of BEing, into a way of ONEness!
Connect with your Inner Self; your mind and your subconscious, through Meditation Journeys and tap into understanding your Body, Mind & Soul.

This course is held over a series of four consecutive weeks. Each class, Nancy will start with an introduction to the objective of the day. While energetically holding a safe and compassionate environment, she then gently guides you through a meditation that allows you to tap into your unconscious mind and identify with your projected energy into a level of BEing. Everyone will hear the same guided meditation, however, due to individual uniqueness; everyone will experience something different within themselves and their journey. This is not a meditation of just feeling your body or clearing your mind. These meditations ask you to open your mind and go on an inward journey into understanding the different aspects of the self.

Afterwards there is a discussion on the symbolism that you specifically received and what it may mean for each individual. Nancy will explain the general purpose and intention to the symbolism received within the meditation. Then if participants are willing to share what they specifically received, Nancy will offer personal intuitive insight into the potential meanings behind their unique symbolism and personal experiences. This is like having a mini session with Nancy Arruda.  

Take time out of your busy schedule and experience a series of Meditation Journeys. Within these Meditation Journeys, you will experience more than just your mind, more than just your body and more than just your spirit, you will experience an alignment of all three merging together into ONENESS.

Each Class runs two hours in length. Invest in your total Mind, Body, and Soul Connection For $150 (plus HST). Please contact Nancy directly to arrange registration.

Learn more about Nancy here.

Wednesdays 2017
7:00 PM to 9:00 AM
Class 1 - Jan 18 Class 2 - Jan 25
Class 3 - Feb 8 Class 4 - Feb 15

The Vidya Centre for Yoga & Wellness (+Vidya's Veggie Gourmet Restaurant)
238 Barrie Street
(Hwy. 27 or Essa Rd.)
Thornton, ON L0L 2N0
705 - 739 - YOGA (9642)

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New Year's Eve Dinner & Dancing
to Jan 1

New Year's Eve Dinner & Dancing

New Year's Eve will include a dinner with two sittings (5:00-7:00 and 7:30-9:30) along with DJ dancing in the Great Room! Please remember to indicate your preferred sitting time when you purchase your tickets!

Menu For New Year's Eve (All Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free)

Course One: Swedish split pea with heirloom carrots and eggplant bacun

Course Two:  Cesar Salad with cashew lemon cream and almond parmasan 

Course 3 - Entree Choices

  1. Sita's Chana Masala & Vidya's Lentil Dahl with brown basmati rice and onion pudla
  2. Roasted cauliflower steak with fingerling wedges smothered in brown rice miso gravy with a side of kale cranberry mash
  3. Grilled Oyster mushrooms on a bed of organic greens and quinoa and brown rice miso gravy

Course 4 - Dessert Choices

  1. Warm cinnamon apple crisp with vanilla ice cream
  2. Warm chaga chocolate brownie cake with caramel glaze

See below to purchase tickets online, send e-transfer to us, or purchase in our Elixir Bar Tuesday through Sunday

New Year's Eve Dinner & Dancing
Please Print Receipt To Show
Please Indicate 5pm or 7:30pm
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