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Live Blood Cell Microscopy Clinic - A Diagnostic Tool For Your Health

We are excited to host A Live Blood Cell Microscopy Clinic! Saturday November 26th from 12pm onward Register by emailing or calling 705-715-6443

$80 for full reading. Added bonus: consultation and recommendations from Homeopath and live blood cell microscopist, Cassie Landolfi

About Live Cell Microscopy

Live Cell Microscopy (LCM) provides an extremely close look at your blood.  Unlike tradition blood tests, an LCM test gives you a more accurate picture of your overall health and well being. Traditional blood tests that doctors employ are essentially an ‘autopsy’ of our blood whereas with a LCM test, the blood is still living.  With living blood, we can see more than what a traditional blood test will reveal.  What’s more, the results are immediate so you do not have to wait a week or two to get your results.

How is the test performed

A drop of blood is painlessly extracted from your fingertip and then it is placed on a slide so that it can be viewed under a specialized microscope.  At this stage, since the blood is freshly extracted, it is still very much alive.  The microscope is attached to a screen so you will be able to see your live blood while it is being assessed.  I will walk you through all the particulars and point out any areas of concern.

 What will be revealed A LCM blood test can reveal if you have:

·      Mineral deficiencies (such as low levels of iron or other vitamins, like B12)

·      Liver and/or kidney stress

·      Hormonal issues (such as menopause or thyroid deficiencies

·      Parasites in your body

·      Any issues with the structure and function of your blood cells

At the end of your test, I will provide you with a report that contains recommendations to follow in order to improve your health (for instance, nutritional changes or suggested treatment modalities and/or supplements).

How we use this Live Cell Microscopy at A Healthy Solution For You

Live blood tests are offered as a series so that we are able to use them to measure your progress during treatment program.  Your first test will provide all the necessary baseline measures needed at the start of a treatment program.  Thereafter, each subsequent test is used to measure your progress, these tests are powerful motivators.  Most of my clients continue making positive changes in their lifestyle because they are able to see instant results that are real and meaningful.

All tests are performed by Cassie Landolfi, technician certified for Capillary Punctures, Live Blood Cell Microscopic certified in Phase Contrast, Dark Field and Dry Blood Cell Analysis.  Call today to learn more about Cassie’s availability.

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