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Gravity, Breath & The Spine with Ganga Auer


Join for both or just one session!

Unlock the innate intelligence of your body to experience freedom within this physical vessel by discovering the teaching of Vanda Scaravelli and her primary student, Diane Long. We will explore how to work with gravity to move effortlessly and maintain posture with grace and ease. Vanda said: "Movement is the song of the body. In this teaching there are no achievements and no results. It consists simply in the cleansing and revival of the body and the reawakening of the spine...

The liberation of the upper part of the body produced by the acceptance of gravity in the lower part of the body is the origin of lightness."

Saturdays October 14, 21, 28  from 2pm-5pm

2 sessions - $80 or $45 per module - pay in studio or via e-tranfer (please include HST)

Gravity, Breath, and The Spine, With Ganga



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