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The Vidya Centre For Yoga & Wellness offers Yoga, weekly events including Day Retreats and date nights, services such as nutritional counselling, cleansing programs, Registered Massage Therapy, Osteopathy, Naturopathic medicine/treatments, Psychotherapy, Reiki, energy healing, Psychic/Astrological readings, private Yoga, Detox programs, & Far Infrared Sauna. Vidya's Veggie Gourmet Restaurant shares the building, offering delicious organic Vegan/Vegetarian & Gluten-Free world cuisine and outdoor patio.

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Kim Vidya's 3-Day Community Detox (Wednesday - Friday)


Benefits of this detox may include:

• Liver and colon cleanse

• Improved digestion and elimination

• Improved energy levels and sleep

• Happier joints with improved mobility

• Reduced Inflammation

• Improved mood and outlook on life

• Clearer skin and eyes

• Program to follow the cleanse

This detox program is a deeply nourishing liquid diet which will set the stage for your body to gently and effectively detoxify. It includes products and information required for the entire 3-days, plus protocol for leading in and out of the program. Program also includes infrared sauna, yoga classes, and guidance from Kim directly.

Cost: $180 +HST includes all products required (which will last you a few weeks), sauna, classes ++ $170 for sustaining members

We meet Tuesday October 8th from 6-8pm to discuss the diet and go over all aspects of your cleanse as a group.

There is an option for up to 4 people to stay at the centre during this cleanse. Questions?

Please register early to receive lead-in protocol in time to begin with the group on the morning of the 19th.

3-Day Detox

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