The Vidya Centre For Yoga & Wellness


The Vidya Centre For Yoga & Wellness offers yoga, day/overnight retreats, nutritional counselling, massage therapy, reiki, energy healing, infrared sauna, psychic readings, homeopathy, and health coaching. Vidya's Veggie Gourmet Restaurant shares the building, offering delicious organic vegetarian & gluten-free world cuisine and outdoor patio. 


The teachers at The Vidya Centre are known for their compassionate, open, and kind nature, their knowledge of yogic philosophy, asana (postures), and their ability to communicate the essence of yoga.

Every teacher has their own unique style and approach to a yoga class. Take some time to get to know each one a little, and check out one of their classes. The energy they each bring is an integral part of our centre.


Rooted in wisdom,
living mindfully, truthfully, and open-heartedly,
while assisting and inspiring others

to live healthier, happier lives.

Kim Vidya

  • Certified Yoga Teacher, Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), Natural Health Practitioner (HOL), Founder and Director, The Vidya Centre For Yoga & Wellness, and Vidya's Veggie Gourmet Restaurant Ltd.

Kim draws from knowledge through studies of: anatomy, holistic nutrition, herbology, Reiki, energy healing, classical Hatha yoga, and Vipassana meditation.  Kim has deepened her studies in Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, and the Anusara Yoga tradition. Classes with Kim are focussed, light-hearted, and meaningful, offering challenges for all levels. Kim has spent much of her teaching career working one-on-one with students. As a result, a deep understanding of the various body types assists students in finding unique modifications, and a deeper understanding of body mechanics.

Kim also offers a unique 10-Day group nutritional cleansing program, “The 10-Day Rejuvenation Cleanse”, which helps clients achieve radiant health through living foods. For more information follow the “Cleanse” link at the top left of the page.

KIM SAYS: “Gratitude to my teachers: Pangaea, Gita Masiques, Susi Hately, Sri Dharma Mittra, Felicia Pavlovic, Judith Lasater, Leslie Kaminoff, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Ram Das, sage Patanjali, Gotama - The Buddha, and to each of my students. Each student continues to be crucial in my advancement as a teacher. My teaching can be summed up by this poignant quote by Saraswathi Vasudevan:

“It is not what I know, but what I have experienced. When we experience, we understand, and apply and then share with others. So it is not how much information can I give, but how much can I inspire through my own journey and experience to help you to experience.”

Kim teaches on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings, Wednesday, and Saturday evenings for yoga date night, 

Desiree Salis

  • Certified Yoga Teacher, Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN)

Desiree is an avid student and teacher of yoga and has developed her practice through trainings, her sadhana, and self-study. She is certified in Kundalini, Vinyasa, and Hatha yoga and aims to deliver the teachings from an authentic heart space to create compassionate learning environments that cater to growth and individual experience. One of her main goals as a teacher is to create a comfortable, inclusive atmosphere and provide access to traditional techniques that can enliven, empower, and educate her students. Her classes focus heavily on the breath and the union (yoga) that exists between and within the mind and body. In her own practice she explores the body and mind through yoga and meditation, art, studying, and writing. Though a physical practice is a part of her daily routine, she believes in a holistic approach to everything in life and puts emphasis on listening to the body and moderating or changing practices as needed. She is always looking to learn and values the lessons she receives both as a student and teacher.

Desiree is grateful for the lineage of teachers who have come before her and with whom she has had the blessing to study with. From teachers in her hometown of Barrie all the way to Rishikesh, India, she offers thanks and blessings for the individuals who have helped her develop on her path.

Desiree teaches Sunday morning Kundalini yoga at 9:30am, Monday morning Flow Yoga Challenge at 9:30am, and Thursday evenings Deep Stretch and Breathe at 7pm. Desiree is also a server and part owner in our restaurant, Vidya's serving delicious organic vegan/vegetarian meals! 

Kim Zaharia 

• Certified Yoga Teacher

Kim’s quest for yoga began almost nine years ago.  Her original intention for doing yoga was for the physical benefits however it didn’t take her long to realize yoga has many layers and with a regular Hatha practice she was experiencing a host of transformations in her life.

Intrigued, Kim had a desire to look more deeply into her practice and in 2008 she completed her first Teacher Training in Anusara “inspired” yoga.  A new paradigm for Hatha Yoga, developed by John Friend which he distinguished as “a new, compelling Hatha Yoga system unifying a life affirming Tantric philosophy of inherent goodness and remarkable elegant Universal Principles of Alignment exemplified by a celebration of the heart.”  One of the many lessons Kim learned during her training is lightheartedness, and not to take things so serious.  Have fun and enjoy your practice both on and off the mat.

Kim’s “Yoga of choice” is Yin Yoga.  She began practicing after the purchase of a DVD titled “Yin Yoga – The Foundations of a Quite Practice” by Paul Grilley.  Kim took her first Teacher training in Yin Yoga in 2010 with Mark Laham and a second training in 2011 with Bernie Clarke and Diana Batts.  It became apparent to Kim that Yin Yoga is the perfect compliment to her regular so called “yang” practice and it is essential for living a more balanced life.  

For Kim, Yin Yoga is a mindful, meditative practice which allows the time to be deep in the pose and allows your sense to be broadened. 

Kim’s Yin class is a quite meditative practice with many variations of the pose and the use of props to meet the needs of the student’s unique body style.  

Kim believes yoga is a way of life, she believes that yoga is for everyone and it is just a matter of finding the yoga that best suits you. Kim teaches yin yoga on Tuesdays at 6pm. 


Dawn Balfour

• Certified Yoga Teacher

Dawn has been practicing Yoga for more than 14 years.  She began studying the postures from a book given to her by her father, whilst she was housebound with a long term illness.  Through Yoga, Dawn regained her strength and confidence and after 3 years was able to go back into the workplace.

After experiencing her own fertility challenges with success (2 beautiful girls), Dawn now provides support through Yoga and Meditation to women who are having challenges with their fertility in whatever capacity, and those who have suffered a loss. Dawn specialises in Therapeutic, Fertility, Prenatal and Mom and Baby Yoga.  She is the Program Co-Ordinator for The Center for Inner Freedom; Dr Reichmann's Mindfulness Based Programs and also leads participants through the Mindful Movement part of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Program.  She is also part of the team at Georgian College for the Yoga Teacher Training Program, teaching the Asana portion of the Program as well as many theory modules. She teaches from the heart to give each student a well balanced and peaceful Yoga practice.  Dawn truely believes in the healing power of yoga and enjoys sharing her passion with those she meets.

Dawn teaches Gentle Yoga at Vidya on Tuesday mornings at 11:30am

Marie McArthur

Certified Yoga Teacher 

Marie is passionate about yoga and believes that practicing Yoga has no age limit..

She is a certified Yoga teacher, trained in classical Hatha Yoga. She received her training at a Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas. She has been a student for 18 years and an instructor for 5.

Yoga came into her life as a result of an adrenaline filled corporate career and a body that could not relax. Her naturopath told her she needed to learn to breathe and recommended a yoga class to her. The first class made such an impact that she was hooked.

Marie believes that pranayama and deep breathing, filling the whole lung is the very essence of Yoga.
Combine this with gentle and energizing movements, you enable the body to open the veins and nadis and remove the blockages.  With gentle movements and postures, your mind becomes calmer, stress levels are reduced and your body will be more flexible.

She continues to receive so many benefits from her daily practice, from eating clean, stronger body and restful mind.

Try her class. The instruction is easy to follow. When you leave the class you will feel more nourished, more flexible, and healthier, than before you came. 

Marie teaches occasionally as a substitute teacher


Paulina Olszewski

• Certified Yoga Teacher, Registered Holistic Nutritionist 

Paulina, after having travelled the world teaching yoga and leading women's retreats, and creating beautiful jewellery (Sold in Vidya's Veggie Gourmet's retail store!), has settled once again in Barrie! We are lucky enough to have Paulina with us leading yoga classes on Monday evenings at Vidya, and co-hosting our bi-weekly women's circles "Sangha Sisterhood Tribe"!

Paulina teaches Monday evening Yoga For All, Wednesday morning flow, and often subs for other classes.


Francesca Friesen

Certified Yoga Teacher 

200 RYT - Francesca is a dedicated yoga student who has only learned further through becoming a yoga teacher. Her intention as a teacher has always been to give students a feeling blissful connection to themselves and others around them. Whether she’s teaching an intense vinyasa or a restorative candlelit class Francesca always encourages students to connect to their inner teachers and hopes everyone leaves their mats with a sense of peaceful energy. No matter the sequence, you can expect she will focus on aligning the body connecting the breath with the movement so the mind be still and observe the moment. It’s through the practice of yoga that Francesca discovered true love and freedom within herself, above all it is her goal to share the joy of yoga with the world. 


Francesca teaches Karma yoga (a free class for anyone to join) on Fridays at 10am

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