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The Vidya Centre For Yoga & Wellness offers yoga, day retreats, weekly events including live music, nutritional counselling, registered massage therapy, reiki, energy healing, psychic/astrological readings, private yoga, and health coaching. Vidya's Veggie Gourmet Restaurant shares the building, offering delicious organic vegetarian & gluten-free world cuisine and outdoor patio. 


Testimonials from students ...

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I just had to send you an email. I found today's class unbelievable powerful.   I've had such an overwhelming feeling all day.  

I find all your classes such a beautiful experience and for the first time in my life, I feel a higher sense of myself. More aware of myself, the peace within, peace I had been praying for for years. I've only scratched the surface, as I have a lifetime of practice ahead of me. But, for the length of time I have been seeing you, it's just remarkable the changes within me. Not just physically.  

I just can't even begin to thank you, for what you have done for me. You have literally been the main part of my transformation. I'm just amazed by the whole experience.   

Today, when you told us to put our hands over our heart and connect, I became very overwhelmed with emotion and felt such an electrical charge running through me. It was truly a special moment for me.  

You have taught me, to let go of the 'old me', the 'old way if thinking'.   I'm proud to say, that I have. That broken girl, she no longer resides here. She is peacefully put in the past.  

I am thankful. I am blessed. You have helped me begin a beautiful transformation. A new beginning. New ways, new thinking, new body and mind. And I cannot wait to see what lays ahead for me. I hope you can help me continue on this amazing journey.  

Forever thankful, 

Donna :) 


That was a great class! I came in with upper back pain from an afternoon of painting a room and now it is gone!  I love the combination of restorative with a bit dynamic.

- Anneline


We enjoyed the class because it was very relaxing and Tanya was easy to follow and had a soothing voice.

Thanks again, Maureen


Thank you Kim!!  Your yoga class was wonderful!!  The joy in you comes out in every way!!

- Tammy


I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for yesterday. Both for being so understanding and helpful when I was upset, and for giving me the brochure on the retreat. I have been looking for something like that, and I went online last night and applied right after I got home. I do believe things happen for a reason, and I thank you for providing what I needed to see that there may be light at the end of this tunnel after all. It means more than you will ever know.

Thanks again.

- Jacquie


Warm, loving, intimate studio and teachers<3  A few classes and you'll feel the positive changes inside and out:)

- Candice


Thank you Tanya for restoring my mind, body and spirit.  I enjoy Nia and Restorative Yoga classes with you!

- Christine


I am really enjoying the yoga classes.  If I had known that yoga would be so relaxing and getting a good stretch and muscle strengthening at the same time, I would have enrolled sooner:)

- Monique


I love the classes & so does my husband. Leslie does a great job!! 

- Tammy


Since meeting Kim and attending classes at Vidya Yoga, I feel as if I am healing inside and out. I believe I am in exactly the right place to improve my physical, mental and spiritual health! What a positive impact this has made on my life. I cannot thank Kim enough for her firm yet gentle guidance along this path. I look forward to continuing this journey with Vidya Yoga and getting better and better in every way! I feel such gratitude to you and what yoga is giving to me physically and in spirit! 

- Sincerely, Deborah Hoult


I approached the cleanse with trepidation.  Never had I been able to complete other cleanses.  To my surprise, I was not hungry,.. I felt nourished and uplifted at the idea of how much good I was doing to my body.  Thanks Kim for all the support.  Your daily emails, recipes, personalized follow-up all helped me do what I thought was the impossible. I'm on board for next spring! My body, heart and soul thank you for all you do, and have done. 

-Sue D.


After much debate of finances versus health and happiness I have decided I need to incorporate yoga into my life. In the past 2 weeks I have seen a significant improvement in my moods, and the only change has been the addition of your studio. 

Thank you and your staff for so much,



So good to read about what has been going on with you.  I think of you often - you are doing amazing work and have affected my life greatly!  I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and experiences so openly Kim - you continue to make me think and be a better person!  

Continue to be happy!



Today's class was special to me. Time to time I have 'headache crises',

due to stress and no matter how much Advil I take, I lasts three days. I couldn't believe that it was gone by the end of the class! It made my weekend :)))

Thank you Kim :) -Fernanda



I just wanted to tell you how much i enjoyed the class this morning. It may be my imagination but i feel less stiff and certainly see to have a higher energy level. 

I think I will stick to the Thursday class for now which unfortunately means I will miss next week--don't think i will be feeling nearly as good after the dentist as I did this morning!!

Thanks so much for a lovely hour.  Take care, Gail 


Vidya Yoga opened my heart.  My heart, my mind, and stretched my body...til I could take deep breathes again.  It was amazing that I didn't even realise how my entire body was "squeezing" itself.  I thought I was hugging myself tightly, to feel loved and reassured, but it was really to protect myself.

 I have come along, in too many ways to even begin to note here.  And I know it all began unfolding when I met you, Kim.



I felt great yesterday after class, I really really enjoy it! 



Thank you Kim!

The 10 day cleanse was not what I expected - it was far better. I learned a lot about food & nutrition, tried some new foods & recipes (most of which were delicious!), & generally felt better. My blood pressure dropped to normal levels & my arthritis pain diminished to the point that I can usually get by without taking any medication.  The daily e-mails were loaded with information & support.  Great motivation to keep going. I am continuing with many aspects of the cleanse & am certainly thinking more about what goes into my mouth & how I treat my body.  I will most likely attend one of the fall sessions as I am sure it would only benefit further. 



The Cleanse was just the beginning to something more wonderful.  I was such a skeptic, but knew I needed to try something.  Kim was and is so supportive thoughout the process.  she has the knowledge and the facts to support everything she advises.  My real goal was to lose some weight and get me motivated and it absolutely worked. I always was a healthy eater, or so I thought?  I know now with Kim’s help, how to make even better choices than I did before.  Oh and add the yoga to this experience and you have a spa vacation for your mind, body and soul.  My husband Jon is still quoting things  from your emails you sent us.  He looks and feels so much better....we are true believers in this lifestyle and plan on incorporating as much as we can from this day forward.  The journey is not over....till we meet again.  

-Karina and Jon Bryant


Im feeling great! I've been sleeping better and really appreciating my food. I've been having fun creating meals and will continue to eat more like this from now on :-) Im finding it pretty easy to stay on track expescially with the buddy system.

Thanks again for re introducing me to real foods! 

Shikira - Calgary AB


Things are going great [on the cleanse] now. My blood sugars are lower so hoping to go off of the drugs within a week or so.  Blood pressure is normal to slightly low so hoping to get off those drugs as well within a week. I am definitely interested in the liver cleanse. Please let me HAVE IT!  Thanks for saving my quality of life !!!!

-Kim C.


Kim, thanks again for all the great cleanse info. Well day 9 and I made it through a Canada Day Weekend with tons of temptations. Attended several parties with tons of yummy food and drinks. But, I was not tempted at all because I am feeling great and I want to continue down this path.

Thanks again for the inspiration and the really informative emails.

See you Wednesday night at yoga.

Have a wonderful day!



Wade has done the cleanse again and is feeling amazing.  His hips are not hurting at all.  On my part, all the pain in my knees is GONE! I can't believe it. 



I want to thank you for this life changing experience. Even through I was at a distance, I still felt part of the group. Thanks to you. I loved the dinner picture. This cleanse has made me look at my life style in detail. Though, I ate healthy before the cleanse I still had many things that I could change to even be healthier, especially the anti-inflammatory effects. The main differences I  noticed in the past 10 days was a decease in overall inflammatory issues, decrease in nasal mucus and the "best" result was -nights of good restful sleep.

Kara and I are going to keep living a healthier lifestyle thanks to this cleanse. Again, thank you for your support and words of wisdom.


This is just what I've been needing!  (and I knew that). Don't feel dragged out.  Don't feel like crawling back to bed.  Could take on the world today!  Yippee!!  Thanks for everything, Kim.

- Cheryle

(on the group cleanse




Just wanted to know I felt great after this morning’s class.  Let me know if you ever do an early morning class on another day!

- Mariann


Thank you, Kim, for helping me out with this and that. I am enjoying the classes more and more, and now with the nutritional guidance it makes it complete, thank you for everything, you are a gem!  

- Love, Anneline


You, Tanya and the comfort I feel in the Vidya room sets the bar for me as far as my intro to yoga, a practice I will likely make a special part of my week, and ongoing life.  I'm a self confessed Wagjag junkie, but your classes have filled a part of me that wasn't there before.  So thanks!

... I'll include a picture taken last Sunday at sunset on the Pacific in Mexico, it's sort of like where my head is at when immersing in yoga!  

- Jim


I appreciated your council today...I am in a very emotionally vulnerable position, and do not share with everyone - but felt very safe with you.  It was a tremendous help and had a very good day. SO blessed by you...and yoga! See you tomorrow. 'C' 


I really really enjoyed your class last week.  That was one of the first classes where I really felt like I was absorbed into what yoga is all about.  I've been raving about it to my friends, family and coworkers... 

- Felicia 


Testimonials for group cleanse

Your daily emails are wonderful and supportive, and full of awesome info.  Thanks for the emails I find great value in them. 

I feel the best I have felt in 6 six years, thanks. I have more energy then ever : ) 

- Tanya


Thank you, Kim!!! You are doing a great job in informing us of the best possible choises available right now on this planet!

- Dace


I very much enjoyed last evening's yoga class.  I realise that my body size hinders a lot of what you instruct, but I did my best, and plan on that being better every week.

I cannot explain how I felt after the class.  I wasn't a kind of "rejoice" thing; not "rejueventated"; not "at peace".  It was just a kind of sense of "being".  Like nothing was out of place.  Like all was as it should be.

I sure cannot complain about that.

I appreciate your instruction...about checking for feelings in different parts of the body...and going around to make sure we have the position just right.

- Cheryle


 I know that yoga works with me on so many levels - teaching me to reach and then let go and my job is to be being present with all of it, especially the difficult and uncomfortable.  The quality of my life has increased since I've increased my practice; The amount of pain I carry has decreased and my days seem longer.  I want to do more and be more. 



I have some things to say about the benefits of cleanse. It was my first time to do the cleanse& thanks to you, that I've done it! My life was changed completely, it was almost like turned up side down:

I've become more aware of what I've been putting in my mouse( please, correct me, if am gramatically wrong!) I've start making my own healthy meals, which my family also liked!

I've become more confident in myself & energetic . . .

There are lots more to it! # 1I've lost 10 pounds( bravo!)& I like myself better now!

 The last, but not least: your encouragements; weekly wisdoms are great, thank you, thank you, thank you!

 - Dace


Thank you Kim for all the information we were given this past week.  I am happy with the results and am interested in the liver cleanse.  I have been told that I look amazing; that I am glowing.  I have also lost 5 lbs which is very good considering that I have been eating well and have not had any side effects from the cleanse except good ones.  I am also interested in doing this again in the fall. Your recipes are fantastic. Did not try them all as I live alone and ate leftovers many times. Thank goodness as I do not have much time to spend in the kitchen.

- Namaste, Jean


I really felt both relaxed and energized after my first lesson with you last night. Thank you so much!



Hi Kim, I just wanted to let you know that I did a class with Dawn on Friday, and really enjoyed it as well as Leslie’s class last week. You will always be my favourite yogi but you have first class instructors working with you as well.

- Sincerely, Ann G.


(On the Group Cleanse)

I have just got in from a very busy day......and feel happy that so far I am doing pretty well and keeping on the isn't always easy but the food is what I love to eat and is pretty easy to prepare.  My headaches are gone and I am just a bit achy from yoga on Wednesday, a massage yesterday, and tennis this morning.....but am happy that I am exercising.  Wow I actually think I can manage the whole ten days which is a surprise to me....... 

Your support via emails, both answering questions and your daily 'chat' has been marvellous.

- Namaste, Valerie


Testimonials for yoga


I love your studio!  The atmosphere is wonderful.

- Laurie


I truly can't say enough wonderful things about my experience at Vidya.  Thank you so much Kim for creating such a warm and welcoming environment.  It's such a delight coming to your classes, especially for an apprehensive newbie such as myself. 

- Shawna 


Dear Kim, I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful yoga class this morning!  It was just so nice to stretch and wake up fully with the sun streaming in the windows.

- Ann


Finding Kim and Vidya Yoga has been a life saver. Kim is constantly working with me to strengthen, stretch and overcome a substantial  injury. In the time I have been involved in yoga I have become more flexible, stronger and am now able to move my limb that was previously paralyzed.  Not only has Kim's positive attitude helped me heal physically but more so emotionally. These yoga classes have become a cathartic experience for me. I love that it is small class sizes, all the students get personal attention and corrections.  I love that it is designed with beginners in mind.  The ego gets checked at the door and the students work with each other and encourage each other.  Definitely a family feeling.  I always look forward to going to each class because the changes are so drastic for me.  Everyone should have Kim and Vidya Yoga in their lives.

- Namaste, Anne-Marie


Thank-you so much for the private class today. I found your whole approach very comforting and am very glad we met. I will be doing my program each day as you suggested. I look forward to our next class!

- Deborah


Somehow I feel that I was meant to meet you at EXACTLY the right time!! This is satisfying to my soul. Sending you blessings and looking forward to seeing you soon. 

- Best regards, Deb 


Loved the kid's class!  My daughter unfortunately was skiing and unable to attend with me but I know she will love it also.  Leslie is fabulous!  She's funny, knowledgeable and makes the kids feel great about what they are doing.  

- Nancy


Kim, I really enjoyed last evening's class.   We were both SO tired.  My body ached all over.  I could hardly make it up the stairs, and wondered if I was making the right decision to go.  However, after Tanya had our breath in order and our body all stretched....I felt fantastic!  Wide awake and ache-free! 

- Cheryl


I "raved" about how great your yoga class was last night to 3 of my coworkers. I talked them into coming to your class next Tuesday!  Looking forward to it!

- Sharon


Lesley has been a great teacher the last few sessions.  I am thankful for the opportunity to try this, something new and when I needed it and did not realize it either!  Many, many thanks for such a positive experience for me.  It was wonderful to meet you yesterday.



I enjoy your studio and the teachers;  I am so happy to be back into yoga...... it feels SO good.

- Namaste, Valerie


Thanks again, really love your classes! They help my life of full time work and parenting!



Hello Kim,  It was awesome being in your class.  Your teaching style and setting appeals to me. I look forward to returning, and new opportunities.

- Kim K.


I really enjoyed my first class.  My life needs this as a form of decompression - I will definitely be finding the time for these classes.  Thanks and have a wonderful Christmas.

- Anita


Please don't take me off of your mailing list.  It's inspiring!

- Cheryl


You have created a lovely environment inside the concrete village.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Great teachers are also key. 

- Namaste, Anita


I loved the Nia class with Tanya.  I will be going again tomorrow!  

- Kristen


I love the atmosphere of the space and the instructors are all so caring and gentle. I have many medical difficulties but I am loving my classes and always leave feeling refreshed and walking taller!

- Doreen


Thank you for an awesome class once again Kim, I am very grateful for having you come to our place to create such a wonderful and peaceful escape.  I always look forward to Monday nights.  You help to create a peaceful environment for which to thoroughly enjoy every Yoga experience.          

- Rita. M, King Ontario


Kim comes to my house every Tuesday night for a wonderful session of yoga, counselling, nutrition advice and fun.  One could have the worse day in the world and when the session is over, you can’t help but feel wonderfully refreshed and best of all, calm and at peace. Kim can customize the session to address aches and pains.  We are all different and have different sore spots.  Kim knows the poses and stretches to address each one of them, and does it ever help.   Kim is one the most special people I have ever met and just put simply,  a pleasure to be around.  It is wonderful that she comes to us, especially in the dead of winter.  Always with an amazing smile on her face and new insight; my girlfriend and I look forward to every Tuesday night and hope that Kim offers this service for many years to come.

- Judy McKechnie,   Barrie Ontario


I LOVE your classes - they're a highlight in my week!

- Kelly K., Elmvale Ontario


I was so excited to do a HEAD STAND!!! You inspire me to challenge myself, so many thanks to you for BEING.

- Karin U. - Oro-Medonte, Ontario


Thank you so much for a wonderful yoga class last night!  It amazes me that you are able to walk into an entirely new environment with many partcipants you have never met before, and still lead a very nourishing, spiritual yoga class.  I know it was greatly enjoy by all and it reminded me how lucky we were at the school this past year to have had you as our teacher. 

- Kelly - Wyevale, Ontario


Your class is far more than just your typical yoga class, it’s a real yoga EXPERIENCE!  

- Mildred, Alliston, Ontario

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